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    Manufacture on walnut processing is located in an industrial zone of Odessa (Ukraine).

  Production process executed according to requirements of sanitary-and-epidemiologic inspection, fire inspection, protection service of work, ecological service and all other accompanying inspections and supervising bodies.

  The area of industrial premises makes nearby 1500 м2.

  Линия по обработке грецкого ореха на Украине, в Одессе. Продам грецкий орех. Куплю грецкий орех.  The line on walnut processing carries out following operations:

  • clearing of walnuts from impurity, dust, parasites etc.;
  • nut split;
  • calibration of kernels according to the client requirements ( half, quarter, eighth and powder etc.);
  • kernels color separaction according to the client requirements ;
  • manual sorting of a walnut according to calibres (halves, quarters, eighths, powder) is carried out for evident control after passage by an equipment kernel on calibration and separation (as inspection stage);
  • production packing in cardboard boxes with a pergament paper.

      We produce goods according to the client requirements (halves, quarters, eighths, powder etc.)

     The enterprise carries out sale and purchase - halves (1/2 kernels), quarters (1/4 kernels), eighths (1/8 kernels) etc.

     Also we buy and sell mixed production (various of halves and other calibres of kernels).


 Desire of our Clients - basis of our activity.





UkrNut company Ltd. Ukraine

Walnut. Ukraine. Sale, export, walnut purchase. 



e-mail: ukrnut-company@ukr.net
Odessa region, Ilyichevsk, village Burlachya Balka, Severnaya St., 41, business center "Borey", office 43.


Monday - Friday, 9.30 - 18.30 


Bank details and legal requisites are specified at the conclusion of transactions and at the exploratory talk.

You can send the message, using the form on our site.