Individual entrepreneur Balashov Yuri Anatolyevich, is an entrepreneur since 1989.

Place of business – Ukraine, Odessa, ul. Motor 6.

The production activities for processing various types of nuts (pistachio, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts) are engaged from 1999 to the present.

He is the general director of the production company, in 2005 he was awarded the title of “the best leader of the year” according to the Association of business circles of Ukraine.

The main activities at present:

  • processing of walnut;
  • purchase of walnuts (various varieties) from the population;
  • direct contracts with orchards for growing walnuts in Ukraine;
  • sale of walnuts in the territory of Ukraine;
  • joint activity on the export of walnut abroad.
    All products of the enterprise have a full package of documents both for sale on the territory of Ukraine and for exporting goods to any country in the world.

We export walnut to the countries of the Near East, the European Union, the Russian Federation, Turkey, etc.

Our goal is to serve every customer perfectly.

We guarantee the quality and accuracy of each of your orders.

Under your order, we individually produce raw materials.

We will be glad to get new partners abroad to supply walnut.