Categories of walnuts or we choose kernels of walnuts

The fruits of the walnuts which have been grown up in Ukraine are highly appreciated in the European countries. The walnut have high energy, is nutritious, besides, represent a vivid example of raw materials for manufacture without waste – even the shell is used. Therefore nut business is considered highly profitable. Many businessmen prefer to choose and buy a walnut in Ukraine, instead of in the next states as at identical flavoring qualities and the sizes of fruits, the Ukrainian nuts are better stored, transported, also they are more accessible. You can buy a walnut for the subsequent use in cookery, medicine, oil production – anywhere. The cleared kernels are calibrated on the size and sorted by categories according to the international quality standards.

     Distinguish following categories and kinds of walnuts:

  • Halves (butterflies). The Walnut the butterfly is divided on two approximately equal parts – kernel halves. Thus 85 % – 90 % from all selected nuts, under the standard – the whole halves, the others of 10 % – kernels, the size not less than 2/3 halves. Usually buyers want to buy a walnut the butterfly for the direct use.
  • Quarters. The walnut quarter represents an integral half of the butterfly, that is the one fourth part of a kernel. All kernels are divided into four approximately equal parts, in the selected quantity of nuts the impurity of 10 % of large slices is supposed. Under the standard, the walnut quarter shouldn’t pass of 7 mm through apertures of a sieve in diameter. Average diameter of party usually 7-20 mm. Quarters are used both for the direct use, and in the food-processing industry. You can buy a walnut in Ukraine, having chosen any necessary category.
  • Eighths. The walnut an eighth – a slice making 1/8 part of a kernel, average diameter – 6 – 14 mm, thus in each selected quantity of nuts is supposed presence of 10 % of slices not less than 3 mm in diameter. Usually all want to buy a walnut an eighth for use in the confectionery and bakery industry.
  • The Mix. Walnuts a mix represent a mix of eighths, quarters and butterflies. You can buy a walnut a mix, having ordered preliminary percentage parity of components of a mix. Usually in a mix of 30 % makes a walnut the butterfly and the others of 70 % – a walnut an eighth and a quarter. The buyer can buy a walnut a mix for use in the baking or culinary industry – this category is ideally suited for any batch. • Small slices. The sizes of small slices of a kernel vary from 4 to 6 mm, that is the part doesn’t pass of 3 mm through apertures of a sieve. Small slices will approach those who has decided to buy a walnut for use in baking and confectionery manufacture, and also for oil production.
  • The Crumb or a flour. A walnut categories the crumb represents the kernel parts, not exceeding size of 3 mm. It is possible to buy a walnut a crumb for powder of ice-cream, pies, cakes, for addition in dough or preparation of nut creams-fillers, a walnut crumb it is convenient and for oil production, preparations of sauces and thickeners. Besides, to buy a walnut in Ukraine it is possible for the subsequent use and in unsweetened cookery – as a component of meat dishes, sauces and soups.

      All nuts got at us – the high-quality sorted product. A mix homogeneous, all kernels of identical color. The buyer, decided to buy a walnut, can be quiet concerned flavoring properties, a trade dress, safety and shipping properties of nuts – they at the highest level. We consider all requirements of our clients. Buy a walnut from us!

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