1. Purchasing department

Nina Tereshchuk 

tel.: +38-093-084-55-53,

e-mail: ukrnut-company@ukr.net


2. Export department – Ukraine and Moldova

Yuri Balashov 

tel.: +38-067-480-45-40,

e-mail: balashov-boss@mail.ru , ukrnut-company@ukr.net


3. Sales department – European Union

Ruzanov Oleksandr


warehouse – Slovakia, city Zvolen. str. Hlbiny 4

e-mail:  ukrnut.europe@gmail.com

Skype: ukrnut.europe 



Odessa, Aleksandrovsky prospect, 4, of. 15.

Working hours:

Monday – Friday, 9.30 – 18.30


e-mail: ukrnut-company@ukr.net


Bank details and legal requisites are specified at the conclusion of transactions and at the exploratory talk.

You can send the message, using the form on our site.