Key rules of walnuts choice

  There are many legends about surprising, curative and simply tremendous characteristics of this unique product. The walnut is considered to be an imperial nut which serves as remarkable food for human mind.

       More then millions of years ago, the ancient Greek historian Herodotus claimed confidently that the priests of ancient Babylon is strictly forbidden to ordinary people eat walnuts as its unique properties of perfect affected the mental activity, and this was not for commoners. Despite of that fact that walnut has got the widest fame only in ancient Greece, where the nut is often called “the acorn of the Gods”, walnut native home is Central Asia.

       The walnut includes huge number of useful properties which should be noticed. The walnut is capable to help many people suffering from the most terrible and incurable illnesses. But the intrinsic properties of a walnut preserves only when it is selected correctly, as poor quality walnut does not contain a medicinal properties at all.

       So how to buy walnuts, which really would have beneficial effect on the state of body and would be extremely tasty and nutritious?

       Choose and buy a walnut – real science, are subject to a careful and thorough people. Good walnuts different elongated shape and thin shell that ensure the preservation of all the beneficial properties of nuts. Round walnut usually has a thick shell and a core slightly smaller. Naturally it is not necessary to strive for a completely brittle, literally “paper” nuts, because they are very poorly kept and moldy quickly.

        If you have decided to buy Ukrainian walnut, which is famous for high-quality nuts of various kinds, pay careful attention to the core of a walnut. It must be coated light golden color. If walnut has dark spots on the shell or black core, this indicates that the walnut is sick, and perhaps it is a very long lay. In order to fully ensure the quality walnut ask the seller to try at least one or two nuts, because that way you will be able to experience a wonderful taste, and rancid or moldy smell. Rely on your eyes and taste, which often helps in the selection of not only walnuts, and many other commodities.  

       Certainly, if you completely trust the seller you can buy with confidence a walnut not only at retail, but also by the gross. The seller should not only convince you, but also guarantee all. Don’t hesitate to ask the seller about all smallest details of storage, and besides the similar behavior will provide you good purchase of walnuts.

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