Medical properties of pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds, due to the rich content of useful minerals and trace elements, are widely used in the treatment of various diseases. Moreover, pumpkin seeds are often used as feedstock for the preparation of an oil.

Basic properties of pumpkin seeds  

Pumpkin seeds, universally recognized fact, in addition to its medicinal effects, well kept, and can be used in any form, be subjected to almost any treatment, losing the least of their useful properties.

Pumpkin seeds composed of:

  • carotenoids, tocopherols – substances which have a strong antioxidant effect;
  • vitamins (in a large number of A, E, B, F, RR);
  • fatty acid. Pumpkin seeds are also known for their calorie content, as 49% of the components of the seeds – fats. 100 gr. product contains about 559 kcal;
  • micronutrients. Pumpkin seeds are considered to be leaders of the content of copper, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, magnesium, iron and zinc.

Medical properties of pumpkin seeds  

The therapeutic effect of pumpkin seed is explained the combined action of all component parts. Therefore spectrum of application them in medicine extraordinarily great.

Basic therapeutic properties of pumpkin seeds:

  • antiphlogistic, antiulcerous, antisclerotic properties. Pumpkin seed are improved by regenerative processes, diminish an edema at inflammation, normalize a tissue an metabolism. These properties of pumpkin seed are used in therapy ulcerous illness, cardiosclerosis, diseases of joints, stomatitis, haemorrhoidal cracks, gynaecological illnesses.
  • Hepatotprotective, bile-expelling properties of pumpkin seed. Pumpkin seed, with their gigant benefit, normalize work of liver, chemical composition of bile, strengthen renewal of hepatic cages.
  • Pumpkin seed actively use in urology. A pumpkin seed is improved work of urinary bladder, that is important, at the adenoma of prostate, reduces speed of growth of tumour.
  • At prostatite pumpkin seed, the benefit of which diminishes a pain syndrome, hinders diminishing of potency, are also used.
  • antihypertensive and anti-sclerotic properties of pumpkin seeds to help treat hypertension and atherosclerosis.
  • immunomodulatory properties are also known. Pumpkin seeds help to strengthen the immune defense, have an antiseptic effect.
  • worming properties of pumpkin seeds, activity not inferior synthetic anthelmintic, and they do not have side effects. Anthelmintic effect is achieved thanks to a thin gray-green shell of seeds inside each.
  • Pumpkin seeds and their benefit also are well known due to their ability to activate brain activity. This effect is achieved due to the high dose of zinc and vitamins of group B, essential amino acids.

Application of pumpkin seeds in cosmeticology

Seeds and oil widely used in cosmeticology. Rich cocktail of Polyunsaturated fatty acids, fats of omega-6 and zinc allow to acheive skin rejuvenation effect. In addition, pumpkin seeds are used in hair loss, because zinc and manganese affects the structure of hair follicles and prevents hair loss. Balanced vitamin composition normalized hormonal balance, therefore pumpkin seeds help to get rid of acne in puberty.

Variants of pumpkin seeds using

Pumpkin seeds in generally practically does not lose the useful properties during processing. Therefore, they can be applied both in fresh or dried, and the broth, steamed, or in the form of oil.

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