Secrets of healing and delicious walnuts

Secrets of healing and delicious walnuts

Under the shell of walnut hidden a storehouse of useful elements and vitamins necessary for health. Miraculous properties were known to ancient healers, numerous useful recipes were tested by folk medicine. Praised the healing power of the walnut and such authorities as Avicenna and Hippocrates, whose useful recommendations are used by modern doctors.

Ancient legends about the walnut

The amazing properties of the walnut became the reason for the appearance of many legends, fabulous beliefs about the miraculous plant.

The homeland of the unique plant was Central Asia, and in Greece the walnut became very popular, that’s why it got such a name.

It is known that in ancient Babylon nuts were allowed to be consumed only to royal people, and a simple person could be punished for using such a product. This ban had a practical justification – the walnut promotes good mental activity, and this was dangerous, because commoners should not have been thinking.

The content of nutrients in the walnut

Observations of ancient doctors confirmed the most thorough modern studies, according to which in the walnut, namely – in the core, contain korotterpeneoids, alkaloids, tannins. It provides the human body with vitamins A, P, C, E and such irreplaceable elements as magnesium, calcium. Valuable is the content of iodine, sodium, potassium. It is interesting that the composition of useful elements may depend on the degree of ripening of the nut. In the green nuclei a lot of iron and cobalt, vitamins PP and B1. An equally rich complex of useful substances are characterized by leaves. Laboratory studies showed the presence of alkaloids, carotene, vitamin C.

Nut shells are also medical, rich in coumarins, steroids, phenolcarbons. In a walnut a lot of fats, up to 60%, is a very high indicator for a product. At the same time, cholesterol is almost completely absent.

Medicine uses kernels, shells or walnut leaves, taking into account the elements contained. The use of miraculous powers of walnut in medicine

Healing properties of the walnut are used for centuries to treat various diseases, because it has the following properties:

  • restorative,
  • anthelmintic,
  • astringent,
  • bactericidal,
  • painkillers.

There are few natural products with such a complex of usefulness. While the nuts also give pleasure to their pleasant taste, so their eating is also useful.

Details on the use of walnuts for medicinal purposes

  • The presence of magnesium in the composition of the walnut allows it to have a vasodilating effect. Therefore, it is used to lower blood pressure.
  • Often you can hear the doctors’ recommendation to eat walnuts for those who are engaged in mental work. After all, the product has a positive effect on the vessels of the brain. It perfectly strengthens memory.
  • One of the main values ​​of walnuts is the rich content of iodine. This property should be used by people with thyroid problems. Folk, and official medicine recommends such patients a decoction of walnut partitions.
  • A rich complex of walnut vitamins, the most valuable natural product, should be used to maintain the strength of weakened patients, often ill children, elderly people, pregnant women. Very important information for those who constantly fight with cold, seasonal diseases – in a nut 5 times more vitamin C than even in a famous black currant. In order to get a daily dose of this valuable vitamin, protect yourself from colds, it is enough to eat 5 kernels of nut per day.
  • Elements contained in kernels, shells, leaves successfully relieve fatigue, strengthen muscles, so the nut should be in the diet of athletes, athletes, those engaged in heavy physical labor.
  • A wonderful cocktail for strengthening the heart muscle can be made from walnut and honey. This is a popular tool recommended and official medicine, it will be useful to all who suffer from anemia.
  • Infusions, ointments and other drugs with nuts are used to treat mastopathy.

The list of diseases, which the legendary walnut helps to fight, is huge.

It is worth paying attention to the useful properties of walnut in the treatment:

  • dermatitis,
  • eczema,
  • dysbiosis,
  • hemorrhoids,
  • rickets,
  • gout,
  • otitis

… and many other diseases.

Using a walnut as a medicine rarely has limitations, contraindications. As a rule, do not use it those who have an individual intolerance to the product or can not use it because of the high fat content. Doctors give a general recommendation – not to eat for a day more than three nuclei of the nut, which are also very high in calories.

Walnut can be used in a complex way to treat many diseases and successfully replace chemical pharmaceuticals.

Walnut – a popular ingredient in cooking

Adorable laudatory songs are sung to walnut not only by doctors, but also by culinary specialists. A huge number of recipes with this product is amazing, it can give a piquant taste to hot and meat dishes, desserts and pastries.

There are kitchens that are even hard to imagine without a nut. First of all, it’s Georgian cuisine, where it is lovingly added to various sauces, dough, salads. The taste of the nut is perfectly combined with other products – meat, vegetables, greens. Dishes with it please with interesting gustatory features, piquancy, they deliver gastronomic pleasure and improve state of health. And the original dishes with nuts can be called a recipe for a good mood, the location of the spirit.

Delicious, aromatic pastry, sprinkled with chopped nuts – a pleasant remedy for depression, despondency. You can experiment with a unique product, create your own new recipes. It also gives pleasure, harmonizes the state of mind, positively affects well-being. So the usual product can become a source of good mood.

Choosing a walnut for treatment or cooking

To overestimate a walnut is impossible, this complex of medicinal and gastronomic properties is simply unique. But in order to ensure that the product has an effective therapeutic effect or has become the best ingredient of a delicious dish, you should choose the right nucleus. They should not have an extraneous smell, dark spots. It is better to buy nuts from those who can provide a quality certificate and guarantee the freshness of the product.

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