Pumpkin a sunflower seed. Purchase and sale pumpkin sunflower seeds in Ukraine

Pumpkin a sunflower seed. Purchase and sale pumpkin sunflower seeds in Ukraine

Pumpkin seeds have long been considered a real treasure trove of natural nutrients. In China, pumpkin seeds have always been very highly valued, dishes from them were served on the table to the emperor, and the pumpkin seeds themselves called the “emperor of the garden”.
Due to its taste qualities and useful properties, pumpkin seeds are included in many dishes. From them they prepare porridges, mashed potatoes, pastas, sauces, add to pastries, soups, cook medicinal broths. Pumpkin seeds stabilize metabolic processes, improve digestion, and are an excellent immunostimulant.

What are pumpkin seeds made of?

The main element that pumpkin seeds are so rich in are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. In addition, pumpkin seeds contain many proteins and a large range of trace elements and vitamins, for which they are also called the “natural pharmacy.” Pumpkin seeds are recommended for daily use in people with diseases of the digestive, nervous systems and other pathologies associated with a deficiency of zinc and magnesium. In no less quantity, the pumpkin seed is rich in phosphorus, calcium, selenium, niacin and phytosterols. Due to their similar composition they are successfully used as anthelmintic, wound-healing remedy, as an effective medicine in the therapy of atherosclerotic diseases and pathologies of the vascular system. Also, pumpkin seeds are often used to prepare a decoction in the treatment of tuberculosis, a milk broth with pumpkin seeds – for insomnia and depression.

The main properties of pumpkin seeds

  • Anti-inflammatory and bactericidal (therefore pumpkin seeds are recommended for long-term non-healing wounds, hemorrhoidal fissures, abscesses);
  • Vascular strengthening (used in the treatment of vascular asterisks, fragility of blood vessels);
  • Cholagogue (pumpkin seeds, which you can buy from us, are recommended for the treatment of cholecystitis, hepatitis, pancreatopathies);
  • Antiviral, antiseptic (pumpkin seeds are used to prevent infectious diseases, treat viral diseases);
  • Immunomodulating, antitoxic (pumpkin seeds are recommended for poisoning, with reduced immunity and impaired metabolism).

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Very tasty and incredibly useful product is pumpkin seed oil. Previously, in Austria, it was considered a very expensive delicacy, so it was sold only in pharmacies. Today pumpkin oil is everywhere available, its purchase does not present difficulties, but because in Europe it is used for baking, for filling salads and soups. This product has no contraindications.
Pumpkin seeds, from which oil is produced, contains a lot of easily digestible proteins, a complex of amino acids and biologically active substances necessary for the body. Due to the high iron content, pumpkin oil is used in the treatment of anemia, and zinc, which is full of pumpkin seeds and oil from them, is extremely necessary in the treatment of liver, nerve and bone diseases.
In addition, pumpkin seeds contain a large amount of vitamin A and E – the vitamin of youth, so pumpkin oil is actively used in cosmetology, with skin and hair diseases, seborrheic disease or acne, and in the treatment of the sexual sphere.

Buying Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are an excellent product for both treatment and for powerful prevention of various diseases, so they are recommended to be taken regularly. If you need pumpkin seeds to buy the most high-grade products produced in China and Ukraine, you can buy from us. You know that Ukraine is the largest producer of pumpkin seeds and butter, so we sell only the best quality seeds. Get health from the vegetable queen – the pumpkin, grown on Ukrainian soil!

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