Walnut Processing

The “UkrNat” company produces walnuts and supplies kernels to customers in Ukraine and abroad. Our production is equipped with certified equipment developed by specialists, which allows processing nuts with the quality of the actual world level.
We have exclusive nut-chopping machines that effectively split the hardest shell. A post-cleaning of the nuclei is done manually by qualified personnel. At our enterprise all requirements that makes it possible to improve the quality of products are controlled. In particular, the kernels of nuts are stored in specialized refrigerators, where the required administrated temperature regime. This prevents the wetting and drying of the product.

Our company is able to completely rework nuts and provide clean kernels to customers. At your request, we can also provide a service for the partial processing of raw materials. If you plan to ship products in containers, by means of water transport, then certainly packing in vacuum bags is made. This allows maintaining the moisture content of the kernels of about 6-7 percent.

We offer the following services: 

Processing of round nut

Washing, drying, calibration and packing of the round nut.


Peeling walnut

Without bulkhead.


Peeling walnutWith the bulkhead.


Calibration of walnut kernel


Bulkhead of walnut kernel


Kernel Vacuum packaging 


Crumbs Screening and bulkheading


Customs services


Selling products