Walnut – a source of health, forces and longevity

Walnut – a source of health, forces and longevity

Walnut is an ancient fruit that has been growing for thousands of years in different parts of our planet. It is known that this fruit is mentioned in the records found during excavations in the territory of the former Mesopotamia. On the valuable qualities of the walnut they wrote their scientific treatises Hippocrates and Avicenna. In ancient times, walnut was used for indigestion, kidney disease, tuberculosis, and walnut leaves were bandaged. Ancient medics of the East claimed that the walnut strengthens the cardiovascular system, stimulates the brain and liver.

Ripe walnut (core) contains a whole complex of BAS (biologically active substances), vitamins and trace elements. This unique feature made the walnut a veritable tree of life. Walnut contains: coratiterpenoids, alkaloids, quinones, steroids, tannins, and vitamins C, E, P, A and B. Many in the walnut and trace elements (sodium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, calcium).

Essential oils, carotene, folic acid contain walnut leaves. In addition, they have aldehydes and alkaloids. Unripe fruit of walnuts contain a high concentration of carotene and vitamins (C, PP, B1, B3), as well as: iron, cobalt and fiber. The shell of green walnut contains coumarins, steroids, phenolcarboxylic acids and tannins.

Walnut contains a high percentage of fats (about 60%), the predominant part of which is unsaturated, therefore, they do not contain cholesterol.

Walnuts are actively used in medicine. This is due to the pronounced bactericidal, anti-sclerotic, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, restorative and anthelmintic properties. The astringent and hemostatic properties of these nuts are also proved. These and other features of walnuts are used in the manufacture of medicines for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

Walnut (core) contains magnesium, which is characterized by diuretic and vasodilating properties. In this regard, walnuts can be used as an antihypertensive drug (reducing blood pressure).

Walnut has a positive effect on the vessels of the brain. It is recommended to people engaged in active mental and physical activity.

Walnuts contain iodine, which is indispensable in the treatment of thyroid pathology. The scientifically proven fact is that for people with thyroid gland diseases a decoction prepared from walnut partitions is useful. Ukrainian walnut is a good vitamin-containing remedy. It is prescribed for pregnant and lactating women, children, the elderly and the weakened sick.

Walnut (Ukraine) contains ascorbic acid, and its quantity in it is so great that it exceeds the concentration of vitamin C in the black currant! It is enough to eat on the day only 5 cores of walnut per day to provide yourself with a daily rate of ascorbic acid.

Walnut eliminates the feeling of fatigue, improves memory and strengthens the muscular framework. Nuts are useful for people who lead an active lifestyle and engage in sports.

The fruits of the nut protect from radiation, and if you supplement them with raisins and honey, it will strengthen the heart muscle, increase immunity and strengthen the defenses of the body. For the prevention of atherosclerosis of vessels use this mixture: the walnut (kernels) are ground, add sunflower oil and garlic to them.

Walnut in Ukraine is used as a remedy for improving the hormonal background in women (using the infusion of walnut partitions) with complaints of mastopathy of the mammary glands. Useful tincture of walnut as a drug for cancer prevention.

Walnuts are caloric, with their help you can quickly satisfy your hunger and get enough even for a small amount! Any housewife knows, a walnut makes a dish spicy and unusual. Nuts are ideally combined with meat dishes, apples, carrots, beets and greens.

Walnut is added to salads, salad dressings, various sauces, as well as baking in various confectionery products (creams, sweets, ice cream, soufflé, cookies). The pleasant taste of this nut and its valuable properties make it a source of health, longevity and good mood!

Valuable qualities of the fruit of the walnut can not be overlooked. However, you should use this walnut properly. Thus, low-quality nuts do not have medicinal properties.

Walnut (Ukraine) has pronounced healing properties. It is perfectly preserved, it is easy to transport. Such nuts have an elongated shape, a thin shell and a large core. The content of nutrients in such nuts is maximum. Round walnuts have a thickened shell and a smaller core. Do not buy nuts, which are too thin, almost “paper” in the thickness of the shell. They are poorly stored and quickly covered with mold.

The Ukrainian walnut has long been famous for high quality and variety of varieties. The core of the walnut is usually covered with a light golden peel. If there are spots of dark color on its surface, or there is a black middle, such a walnut is not only not useful, but even harmful, because this is a sign that it has been lying in unfavorable conditions for a long time.

To assess the quality of the walnut, try not one fruit, but several, paying attention to the size of the nut, the features of its shell, the shape and size of the kernel, the smell and the characteristics of the taste of the fruit.

If you smell mold, rancid taste, do not buy such fruits! Walnut must be bought from certified manufacturers who have the appropriate quality certificates. This will save you from buying a substandard product.

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