Walnut in Ukraine: features and benefits

Walnut in Ukraine: features and benefits

Walnut is a valuable and useful fruit, which is mentioned in the annals dated to the 7th century BC. According to them, the walnut (tree) grew in the famous hanging gardens of Babylon. The birthplace of this amazing long-liver that can grow and bear fruit for centuries is Central Asia.

The use of walnuts can be in a mature and immature form, as well as in raw and dried. Walnut is added to pastries, desserts, soups, sauces, and jam and vitamin-containing concentrates are prepared from it. In Italy, walnut is used to make exotic liqueurs.

Walnut shells are used as a polishing material. In addition, shredded shell is an excellent thermal insulation material. Ukrainian walnut (wood) is a good ornamental material. They make furniture, parquet, make decorative murals, use them to decorate musical instruments, weapons, etc. From the juice of walnuts, textile dyes are made for coloring fabrics (yellow, brown tones). The leaves of the nut products are wound-healing properties, which allowed them to be used many centuries ago. In addition, the leaves contain a whole complex of vitamins useful to the human body. Of the seeds of walnuts make a nourishing oil. In some countries, walnuts are grown as an ornamental plant.

The healing properties of the walnut have been known since the time of Hippocrates. The fruits of these nuts contain vitamins of the group: C, B, R, K, as well as tannins, quinones, amino acids, etc., which are used to improve metabolism, strengthen blood vessels, stimulate the work of all organs and systems. Phytoncides contained in fruits of walnuts, property bactericidal properties, they kill pathogens.

Walnut, grown in Ukraine – is a valuable source of fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins and a whole complex of vitamins. Ukrainian nuts are nutritious, high-calorie and useful. That is why they are highly valued in the countries of Europe. And if you consider that the Ukrainian walnut is a source of valuable shell, then this product does not have a price at all! The business associated with walnuts is quite cost-effective and almost non-waste. In this regard, most owners prefer to buy walnuts in Ukraine, and not in other countries where it also grows. After all, the walnut sin not only has excellent taste qualities and large sizes, such nuts are stored better than others, they are easy to transport, and the price is lower than in other countries. This makes these Ukrainian walnuts more affordable. Ukrainian walnut is mainly bought for use in cooking. In the cleaned form, the nut looks like large kernels, which according to international standards are sorted according to the categories, depending on the shape and size characteristics.

Walnut in Ukraine, depending on the categories and species is divided into:

Halves (or “butterflies”). Such a nut consists of two practically identical parts, which are halves of the core of one nut. Most of these nuts by the standard should be divided into whole halves and only 10% – are parts of the halves (not less than 2/3 of the halves).

Walnut quarters (or quarters). The quarter is a half butterfly and is one quarter of the whole kernel of the walnut. A fragment of this size does not pass through the holes of the screen, with a diameter of 7 mm. Quarters in one batch usually have equal sizes. By the standard allowed a small number (only 10%) of large fragments of the core. The quarters of walnut kernels are used in the food industry.

Eighths of walnut kernels. These fragments are small pieces that represent one eighth of the nut kernel. The approximate diameter of such an eight is from 6 to 14 mm. In accordance with the standard in selected quantities of nuts, not more than 10% of the pieces are allowed, having a smaller diameter – about 3 mm. Eights of the walnuts are used in bakery and confectionery industry.

Walnut Mix. Such nuts are represented by a mixture of quarters, eighths and butterflies. This mixture may contain a different percentage of its constituent parts. As a rule, mix contains 30% of butterflies and 70% – eights and quarters. Walnut mix is ​​used in cooking and baking.

Small fragments are pieces of nut kernels, which have a size of 4 to 6 mm. In accordance with the regulations, such fragments do not pass through the holes of a sieve corresponding to a size of 3 mm. Small pieces of walnut kernels are ideal for baking, used in confectionery and oil processing.

Flour (crumb of walnut kernels). A crumb of walnuts are pieces, the size of which is not more than 3 mm. Tiny buy for sprinkling cakes, ice cream, cakes, cookies. In addition, a crumb of walnut is added to the dough, creams, sauces,thickeners, are used in oil processing. Walnut (Ukraine) is also used in cooking as a component for soups, sauces, second courses (fish, meat).

Any Ukrainian walnut is a tasty, valuable and useful product that has passed qualitative preliminary sorting. The nut mixture ordered by the buyer must be homogeneous, the kernels (butterflies, eight o’clock, quarters) should have the same color and size. Walnut must have a commodity appearance, be perfectly preserved and withstand transportation over long distances. Quality walnut in Ukraine – this high taste, aesthetic appearance and a full nutritious product!

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