Продажа меда сезона 2017 года крупным и мелким оптом

Рузанов Александр 

mob. +421908291621

e-mail:    ukrnut.europe@gmail.com   /   suchealle@gmail.com

Skype: ukrnut.europe

Slovakia, City Zvolen, Str. Hlbiny 4 


Natural Honey — Pure Best Quality

(Polyflora honey with predominance of sunflower)     

5 liters — 3 Euro/kg  

20 liters — 2,7 Euro/kg    

300 kg — 2,1 Euro/kg   

We sell only export quality honey, 100% Pure honey

We do not accept and do not sell: Cull honey adulterated, not appropriate for the physical and chemical parameters, as well as honey produced in the apiary in violation of the use of veterinary medicines containing antibiotics residues and other contaminants.

We are ready to provide samples of honey.

Our product — homogenized honey, packaged in a special food metal drums (300 kg). Available packaging in plastic or glass jars according to your request.