Грецкий орех — источник здоровья и хорошего настроения

Грецкий орех — источник здоровья и хорошего настроения

Walnut has been known since ancient times. Its useful properties described by Hippocrates and Avicenna. In ancient medicine it was used at indigestion, for the treatment of kidney disease, pulmonary tuberculosis and many other diseases.  Oriental medicine believes that walnuts strengthens the heart, liver and brain.

    Indeed, the content of biologically active substances complex, trace elements and vitamins in ripe walnut is so large that it is called «Tree of Life».

    Ripe walnut contains alkaloids koratriterpenoidy, steroids, quinones, tannins, vitamins E, A, P, C, B, trace elements (sodium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, calcium).

      Walnut leaves are rich of essential oils, folic acid, aldehydes, carotene, alkaloids, vitamin C and many other beneficial substances for the human body activity. The unripe walnuts has high content of carotene, vitamins PP, C, B1, B3, fiber, iron, and cobalt. Green walnut shells useful due to the presence of steroids, coumarins, phenol carbonic acids and tannins. 

60% of walnut consists fats, most of which relates to unsaturated fats, and therefore, is essentially free of cholesterol. Walnut antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-sclerotic, restorative, worming, hemostatic, astringent  have been applied in manufacture of drugs.

Walnut kernel contains magnesium, which has a vasodilating and diuretic properties. Therefore walnuts is used  for lowering blood pressure. Iodine in walnuts used in the treatment of thyroid diseases.

Ripe walnut — is the perfect multivitamin means for debilitated patients, elderly, pregnant women and nursing mothers. Incidentally, the content of the walnut ascorbic acid content is greater than in black currants more than 5 times! The daily requirement of vitamin C — only five kernels.

  Walnut quickly relieves fatigue and strengthens the muscles, so indispensable to those who play sports or leading active lifestyle. Two walnuts help improve memory and protect against radioactivity.

   Walnut with raisins strengthens the heart muscle, with honey — stimulates the immune system and increases the body’s defenses. A mixture of 10 walnut kernels + spoon sunflower oil and two garlic cloves  — wellknown means of preventing atherosclerosis.

Infusion of walnut septum improves hormonal background and is useful for women with mastopathy. Anemia, also treats by walnut, because it is rich of cobalt and iron compounds.

      But we should not forget about the high caloric content of walnuts, and therefore it is not necessary to eat in one day more than three kernels.

    Excellent taste and beneficial properties make walnuts source of health and good mood.

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