Юрий Балашов

mob. +38 067 480 45 40

e-mail:   ukrnut -company@ukr.net    


Moldova, city Chisinau, str. Zavodskaya 96/3


  NEW CROP 2016

 (best before January 2017) 

1/2 light — 7 Euro

1/4 extra light (class 1) — 4,95 Euro

mix 20-40% light (class 2) — 4,2 Euro

We provide any quantities with full package of documents for export.      

You can also order goods of middle and dark tones.                                                                                        

Humidity of goods complies with EU standards.

 * Discount * —  we propose to our regular customers a discount system. Also to our new customers, during the first 3 loadings we`ll provide interesting discounts.

**Payment ** — delay of payment is possible for businesses using the nut as raw materials for their production (confectionery factories, bakery production enterprises, companies using the nut at the packaging of their products).  

Hope for long term and fruitful cooperation.